iOS6 Street View to Replace iMaps

iOS6 street view is an application provided by Apple to address the lack of mapping system that were previously owned by iOS6 using iMAPS. Termination of cooperation between Google Maps with Apple have reduced the comfort of the user iOS6 lack of sophistication provided by iMAPS menu which is a map that is owned by Apple.

Maps street view ios6 felt better than iMAPS. IOS6 users can enjoy services that may be able to eliminate the little unhappiness about the news that Google are no longer willing to make a map for iOS6.

Apple iOS6 maps street view or Live Street View (LSV) can as a temporary replacement iMAPS currently still need further development. This application allows users iOs6 imaging streets in the area that is similar to Google Street View.

iOS6 maps street view can be very useful for those users iOS6 to know the way or the map when in suata place for Live Street View application uses data from Google Maps.

So you do not have to worry anymore because you can not have Google Maps on your iOS6 device, because you simply reach into cash $ 0.99 to be able to download the Apple iOS6 maps street view which will work together with Google maps. iOS6 street view can be downloaded from the App store.

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Disaster iOS6 maps: Apple goes astray

After installing iOS6 Apple users reminisce Google Maps: new maps are not only incomplete, but wrong. And Apple asks for help to users.

After only a few hours with the new iOS 6.0 to understand that perhaps the choice of Apple to rely on a new mapping service Google Maps abandoning owner was more a political than a choice given to consumers.

As the saying goes "there is no two without three", and after the change of the screen, the new connector Lightning lacked just the third drop in to lose patience even those Apple has always defended, even at the wrong . The new maps placed it on the new operating system from Apple are not only incomplete, but also contain a number of errors paradoxical blocked roads and craters and restaurants in the middle of the rivers they are doing around the web provoking the laughter of those who, you Android in the first place, it is always in the front line ready to point the finger at the smallest mistake made by the company from Cupertino.

Who knew Steve Jobs swore that such a thing would go on a rampage, the late founder, and definitely some head would fall: After reading the biography actually we are inclined to think that the heads would have been more than a one.

What Apple has combined with these maps? E 'for about a week that we're using iOS 6 in Golden Master version, so we are using the service maps from before the official release. We tried to Cologne and also in Milan, and at first glance does not seem bad at all. Apple starts from scratch, Google has more than 10 years perfecting his system so it is normal that Google Maps is better, if Apple wanted to provide an alternative to Google Maps satisfactory just had to knock on the door asking for details of Microsoft Bing Maps or Nokia, the only services that could compete at the time as completeness of data to Google.

Apple instead started from TomTom and other providers, and is trying to build everything from the data mapping of a company that produces a basic mapping for navigation.

Data supplied by the aerial photos (remember that the Cessna crashed in a warehouse in Rome a few weeks ago, he was taking pictures for Apple) Apple is adding using computer algorithms and missing data maps for TomTom probably enter rivers, forests and environmental elements using a kind of photographic reconnaissance (and here we explain the rivers that break and disappear and reappear). Similarly, using photos from multiple angles, develop a kind of three-dimensional maps for 3D photos, currently working in the U.S. alone. The POIs come from Yelp and other service providers: here there is no real manual work to certify the location of some places and explain museums located in the middle of the river and other structure used at random.

Apple obviously do not want to apologize, but unfortunately the mapping is one of the jobs that since ancient times has required inspections and careful analysis: Google in recent years has spent millions of euro in petrol to ship cars, tricycles and every means to map the world, made remarks on the place, he corrected, arranged, optimized roads and paths. A service that has as its search engine, is now irreplaceable.

Apple has dropped from Google, and it is obviously a political choice, but users should just be happy: as with Youtube Google will now propose a Maps application on the Store (and if Apple did not approve burst a political case). A more interesting application is the integrated solution from Apple itself: Google may want to update it, improve it and add new features.

In any case, Apple has already released an official statement, which says that Maps is only a beginning and that being a solution "cloud-based" will be improved through the use by users.

But it is unlikely, as we have already explained, will come to the level of Google Maps.
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Three self-driving cars traveling 200 km

Three self-driving cars traveling 200 km on a highway with real traffic

Last February the SARTRE project (Safe Road Train for the Environment ) made its first test out the simulator, closed track to achieve the desired driving "follow the leader", self-guided cars that follow the trail of a truck driven by professionals.

Volvo XC60, a Volvo V60 and Volvo S60

Now for the first time a "road train" has been testing on asphalt public with real traffic conditions, more specifically on a highway near the city of Barcelona and the rest of regular drivers.

This was announced today at a brief press release Swedish automaker Volvo, which mentions neither the road nor the kilometer of the route or if each car had to pay toll made them separately or group rate.

But they assert that the historical evidence has been carried out successfully by a truck platoon leader that led to it's slipstream a Volvo XC60, a Volvo V60 and Volvo S60.

Apparently, the cars circulated at an average speed of 85 km / h with a maximum distance of 6 meters between them. In each vehicle, at least one driver was absolutely delegate its functions on the steering wheel and pedals to autonomous driving technology developed by the British company Ricardo UK Ltd.

This particular system consists of cameras, radar and laser sensors for monitoring, allowing each vehicle to control their conduct with respect to its environment, while the data transmitted wirelessly tell the lead vehicle when every "follower" accelerates, brakes or tour, all in real time and real traffic conditions.

The European SARTRE project has been underway since 2009 and a total test vehicles have traveled over 10,000 miles on the track closed. But after the successful coming-out in the public highways of Spain, the project is now entering a new phase with a focus on optimizing the fuel consumption using self-guided driving, resulting in higher aerodynamic efficiency in cars going protected by a truck in the lead.

And if they succeed in this aspect, the system's benefits are expected to be significant: an estimated saving in fuel consumption of around 20%, apart from the safety benefits to be derived from the reduction of accidents by decreased reflexes or driver fatigue.
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Google acquires Motorola Mobility

Motorola acquired by Google
The news of Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility has been announced by Larry Page through the company's official blog.

Google has reported on its official blog that they have finally acquired Motorola, the U.S. division of the company in charge of mobile telephony. This was announced by Larry Page himself, CEO of the company.

"I'm excited to announce our agreement with Motorola Mobility has been closed. Motorola is a great American company that has driven technology the mobile revolution with a history of more than 80 years of innovation, including creating the first cell phone" Page said in his post.

This is the largest acquisition Google and although I had previously announced that the sum of the transaction was for 12,500 million dollars, it's definitely an indication that the dumbbell that Motorola has complied with the search engine has been instrumental and especially successful in regard to Android devices.

Finally, Page thanked both Sanjay Jha, now former CEO of the division, as well as the new chief executive, Dennis Woodside, who will be responsible for that division and is also an old acquaintance not only of Page but the entire company.
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Diablo 3 Review System Requirement

New Diablo 3 review system changes the basic attributes and forging items

You know that their vague hope of finding Diablo III on the shelves during the first half of this year? And best forgotten. The reasons could not be more noble course. Briefly, because it is not simply launch "another game". This is to market "the next Diablo."

diablo 3 release date

Well, at least that was the reason given by Blizzard for the newest revision of the game system. Among the changes announced in the official blog of the future blockbuster, there are several points which, between us, have already been amended more than once - which is not necessarily bad, of course. "While working on Diablo III, we heard several times that we have changed other systems, and that the game would already be ready for launch," said game director Jay Wilson.

Of course, the almost constant changes in fundamentals of the game justify some discomfort from the fans. But Wilson continues: "I think a fair argument, but I also think it is incorrect. Our work is not only to launch a game, but the next release Diablo. Nobody will remember the late game, only that it is great. "
Well, but what exactly the new intervention visceral Diablo 3 should bring? In fact, there is a list of small changes - which, it seems, may have more or less dramatic effect on gameplay. Let them.

Scrolls of Identification is out of the game

Yes, Blizzard recognizes that identifying a strange item representing most of the game. But the task has now become much simpler. Getting a new item, just click on it with the right mouse button. Then follows a timer, and ready. The identification was made. No restrictions: all characters are able.

Diablo 3 server status

But Blizzard has a good analogy to explain the decision. "We love the double discovery to find a gift for, then unwrap it, but does not seem to keep finding an item and keep it in your bag has the same effect. From now on, will be possible to identify any items, without need to carry scrolls. Your character in Diablo III is really tough now. "

A dedicated button for potions

Here's a change that should make your life easier when things really get complicated. "A button dedicated to potions is something we have discussed several times throughout the development," said Wilson. Apparently, Blizzard realized that in times of emergency, its time to handle items is somewhat scarce.

Diablo 3 classes

However, it warned: "this was one of our latest changes, so that both the button and the mechanics do not work in the Beta patch 10." It is the promise of inclusion in the feature updates coming, anyway.

"We decided to remove Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube"

According to Blizzard, Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube was created to allow a simplified marketing items, especially in those moments when there is no quick way back to town. "However, now that there is the 'Stone of Recall', we find that keeping the game Cube Cauldron and would alter the benefits of returning to town to sell items for bailouts, for forging and also to interact with the locals," said Wilson .

The blacksmith is now able to reuse items

With the removal of Nephalemn Cube, there should be, of course, a device able to reuse items in the city. Blizzard felt it made sense to leave the task to the local blacksmith ... So that will be hereafter.
diablo 3 trailer

Common items can no longer be scrapped

Here is a dramatic change for those who usually collect junk on the battlefield. Basically, items "white" (those who do not bring magical powers) can no longer be reforjados into something more useful. "Previously we thought that a dropped item should always be useful in some way, with an improvement in statistics or in the case of items 'white', you could just forge them again."

diablo 3 wiki

However, studies have revealed the Blizzard that not everything that is collected is used for something. "Diablo II captured by one foot by knocking spoils piles of garbage, mostly arrows and bolts (...)."

Changes in the basic attributes

Forget "defense", "attack" and "precision". Blizzard found it convenient to treat the actual characteristics of your character to "force", "skills", "intelligence" and "vitality." The idea is to give each class a central attribute in order to "reduce the overlap of items, those available to diversify and create a system of clear and more interesting items." Yes, the company assumes that this should dramatically alter the balance of the game.

diablo 3 review

Check the benefits produced by each of the new attributes:

Force (Strength)

    + Barbarian damage
    + Armor

Dex (Dexterity)

    + Demon Hunter damage
    + Monk damage
    Dodge +

Intelligence (IntIntellect)

    + Wizard damage
    + Witch Doctor Damage
    + Health from globes

Vitality (Vitality)

    + Health

Status will be displayed directly in the inventory

Now you can record changes in their statistics at the time a new item is experienced, since the information is displayed directly on the user interface of your inventory. "It may seem insignificant, but results in very pleasing," said Wilson. In fact, a solution as elegant and practical.

A decade of gameplay

Perhaps the relatively low frequency of new releases in Diablo longevity is due to the enviable title of each franchise. Well, the same should happen with the third element of the series. "Our hope is that by embracing a recurring design - in which we question ourselves and our decisions, Diablo 3 will not only meet our expectations, but continue to do so for a decade after its launch."

And for those who have prepared the portfolios, he continues, "there is still much work to be done." Well, anyway, it's worth giving credit to Blizzard, right? If not for the huge legacy of Diablo ... Because of that, we agree, some proposed changes do seem to make sense.

Diablo III is scheduled for release
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Windows Mobile Spy Program

windows spy mobile
MaterialEspionagem Introduces New Program to Spy phones and smartphones with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 with automatic recording of calls. The Program for Windows Mobile Spy MaterialEspionagem completely hidden in cellphone. It can write with any Incoming Call and Held, Listen Live every incoming call or Held, Mobile Phone Use as Microphone Spy and Listen without limits away all the ambient sound around it. You can still read all the SMS, Emails Cell Phone Spy that send or receive, knowing the location of the GPS Windows Mobile Cell Phone spied, control the Contact List and track all details with each incoming call, made or lost. Active and Disable any function remotely with a simple SMS!

No barriers, no distance limits, no concerns, from any country in the world and with any operator!

Functions that offers the program for Windows Mobile Spying MaterialEspionagem?


Monitor Calls - Listen to Live Chat two sides
WhatsApp - Writes all messages exchanged in the popular chat application WhatsApp
Environmental Listen - Listen to any sound around the Mobile Phone Spy
Monitor SMS - Saves all SMS Sent and Received
Monitor Emails - Writes the contents of all emails sent and Received
GPS position - Know the time the position of the GPS GSM Spy
Route GPS - See at any time throughout the route held by Cell Phone Spy
Contact List - Find out which name is stored with the numbers who speak Cell Phone Spy
Call List - Get detailed information of each call as if it is a detailed invoice
Missed Calls - Know the number and name with who are stored in the Cell Phone Spy
Spy Microphone function - Listen to everything that is happening in the location of the Mobile Phone, unlimited distance
Exchange YES - Always know what is the number of mobile phone you are using the Cell Phone Spy - This function is very important, not only if the user changes the Cell Phone Spy SIM card, as also to detect in case of lost or stolen the number of the person who has it in use and can recover it.

Security and Privacy!

Only you will have access to all information which it sends to the Controlled Cell Phone web account. Their records are secure in your private web account, which is provided part of the world using your user name and password and any officer. For security reasons you can change the password whenever you want.

How exactly Spying Program for Windows Mobile MaterialEspionagem?

Listener Calls - Listen to live the two sides of the conversation of all calls.
* Receive an SMS with an indication of incoming call or Held
* Indication of the number of call
* To listen to this call only have to connect to Mobile Phone Spy
* Only turn on if you are interested in listening to the Chat
* Ability to limit the sending of SMS to clear a list of numbers to control
* To use this function It is necessary that the card has the Multi conference or call the three activated

Monitoring SMS - Record the contents of each SMS sent and received.
* Number indication of the sender or to where it was sent
* Display Date / Time SMS
* Full text of the message

Monitoring of Emails - Writes the contents of each mail sent and received.
* The mail sender or where he was sent
* Date / Time of Email
* Full text of the email

WhatsApp - Writes the contents of all messages exchanged in the popular chat application.
* Know who communicates in WhatsApp
* The messages you send and receive

Call History - Saves all records of incoming, outgoing, and Lost.
* Indication of the number dialed
* Date, Time and Duration of calls
* Indication of calls Received / Completed and Missed

Contact List - Record all the information of Contacts with Mobile Spy Who communicates.
* Display of Phone Number
* Name that is stored in the Contacts List

GPS Location and Tracking - Records the GPS position with the time interval you select.
* View map directly to the GPS position of Mobile Spy
* Refer to travel daily / weekly / monthly Mobile Spy directly on the map

Information Exchange of SIM card (telephonic)
* When the software detects a new SIM card sends an SMS alert to Monitor Number
* Thus the number Monitor always aware of the number you are using the Mobile Phone Spy and can keep on calling to make the listener.

Compatibility ** **

The Program for Spying Windows Mobile is compatible with any Mobile Phone or Smartphone with Windows Mobile operating system from version 5.0 to 6.5 with the exception of Pocket PC 2003. Spy Software for Windows Mobile works on any country in the world and with any operator.

License ** **

The functions accessible from your Mobile Phone have lifetime duration (where the program remains installed on the Mobile Phone and is activated before the activation code expires).

The other functions are accessible from the web account, which will be active for 12 months. Contact us for the renewal.
Additional Info

    Name: Windows Mobile Spy Program
    Code: Windows Mobile Spy Program
    Price: € 699
    Description: Program for Windows Mobile Spy is compatible with any Mobile Phone or Smartphone with Windows Mobile operating system from version 5.0 to 6.5 with the exception of Pocket PC 2003.
    Features: Spy Program for Windows Mobile 5.0 to 6.5 with Live Listen to incoming and outgoing calls, SMS Copy, Email, and WhatsApp, Listening Environment, GPS position and route, Contact List, exchange cards (SIM), Remote Control
    Color: Red
More information at MaterialEspionagem
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Gideon sundback invented the zipper

Gideon Sundback invented the zipper

Google once again surprises its users with one of his creative 'doodles'. The honoree is the time of the Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback, inventor of the zipper. Upon entering the front page of Google, the Internet will be faced with a large zipper site, which can be slid across the screen to open the search page.

Gideon Sundback doodle picture
Zipper as Google's doodle

Gideon Sundback Fredrik Otto revolutionized the clothing industry with the creation of a fixation device to be used in women's boots. The idea for creating a closed based on interlocking teeth already circulated among the engineers of the time for over 20 years, but nobody had improved.

Sundback innovated by putting a dimple on the underside of each tooth and a nozzle at the top that fit securely inside the curl of the tooth above it. In addition, he also created the machine to manufacture the new model of zipper.

Gideon Sundback biography

Gideon Sundback picture,image
Gideon Sundback photo

Gideon Sundback was born on April 24, 1880 in the city of Smaland, Sweden. Son of a successful farmer. Gideon sundback education was engineering in Germany. In 1905 he emigrated to the United States. From his earliest years he showed an exceptional talent, making small innovations to improve the daily lives of Gideon Sundback family.

History of the zipper (first zipper made)

In 1893, W. Litcomb Judson of Chicago, United States, a patented closure system that was made of hooks and crannies that clung to open and close. It was still a draft that we would know later as zipper. Only in 1913, Gideon Sundback, a Swede working in the United States, developed the ideas of Judson and produced a similar closure only without the sharp hooks, instead using "teeth" of metal. At first, this type of closure was used for tobacco pouches guarding and money. In 1917, the U.S. Navy began making coats they wore the zipper in front. Who named the "zipper" was B.G. Worth, based on designs similar fasteners used in shoes. Elsa Schiaparelli was the first designer to use zippers in fashion in the early 30s.

In Portugal adopted the expression "zipper", coming from French fermeture Éclair, which refers to the name of the company that owns the trade mark, Éclair Prestil SN. This expression was used for many years, zipper is a brand known worldwide since its founding in 1946.

The engineer was admitted to the patent application in 1914, but the invention of Sundback was only recognized in 1917. Only in 1923, it was that the industrial zipper Benjamin Goodrich called the big baby Gideon.

Initially, the zipper model proposed by him was a replacement for the hooks and loops present in women's boots. Two decades after the item has become popular in the pants and dresses. If you want to know more about the his biography just visit Gideon Sundback wikipedia.

Gideon Sundback Google's doodle

The doodles are one way that Google, one of the most important names in the internet world, met to honor important people and events in world history. The doodles can be interactive or not, and until today, have been created over a thousand different personalities and paid tribute including to Gideon Sundback historical facts.
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The Milky Way has a number of habitable worlds

habitable worlds,super earth,milky way
Astronomers looking for rocky planets with the right temperature to support life estimate there could be tens of billions of them in our galaxy.

A European team said Wednesday that about 40 percent of red dwarf stars, the most common in the Milky Way, have a planet called "Super-Earth" orbiting in a habitable zone that would allow for water surface.

Since there are about 160,000 million red dwarfs in the Milky Way, the number of worlds that are potentially hot and humid enough to support life is enormous.

Xavier Bonfils of the Institute of Planetology of Grenoble and Astrophysics and the team leader, said the figure was 40 percent at the upper end of what was expected and that the findings highlighted the prevalence of small rocky planets.

His team is the first to calculate the number of Super Earths planets with a mass between one and 10 times that of Earth in these areas habitable, although previous research has concluded that the Milky Way is full of planets.

Red dwarfs, which are pale and cold in comparison with the Sun, representing about 80 percent of the stars in the Milky Way.

After studying 102 of these stars in the southern sky with a telescope of European Southern Observatory in Chile, Bonfils and colleagues found that rocky planets are much more common than gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn in our solar system.

However, rocky worlds orbiting red dwarfs are not necessarily friendly places alien life forms.

Because red dwarfs are much cooler than the Sun, any planets with liquid water need to orbit much closer to the star than the Earth from the Sun That could mean being bathed in harmful ultraviolet radiation and X-rays.

Scientists want to look more closely at some of the Earth-like planets as they pass nearby red dwarfs, which could produce information about their atmospheres and assist in the search for possible signs of life.
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Football Manager Handheld 2012 apk

Football Manager Handheld 2012 apk. Android comes to football management game world's best selling. Football Manager Handheld 2012 lets you enjoy the best job in the world, wherever you are and whenever you want.YOU decide!

download Football Manager Handheld 2012 apk

Sit on the bench of the club you choose from among the league of 12 countries, and takes over the transfer of training, tactics, and manage your computer in real time during game days, a task to which you face in short sessions, while going to work, or evenings marathon couch.

There is an experience for everyone, fans can choose to pursue a career in the league in a given country or face the Challenge mode (exclusive of the Handheld version), which provides short-term scenario with a specific objective must achieve. In any case, the coach will face real situations with real players drawn from the huge global network of scouts from Sports Interactive.

The 12 countries whose leagues are included in Football Manager Handheld for Android are: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Wales.

You can play Football Manager Handheld 2012 in 4 languages​​: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Here is the link to download Football Manager Handheld 2012
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Download TuneIn Radio Pro Apk

TuneIn Radio Pro is a radio for your mobile with android. With this application you can listen to your favorite stations anytime and anywhere.

About 50 thousand of radio stations is now in your pocket. Browse and listen to live local and global radio. So just listen to the world.

download TuneIn Radio Pro Apk

Download TuneIn Radio Pro

To download this application for your Android just click Here

TuneIn is a new way to listen to the world through global and local radio wherever you are. If you want music, sports, news and events of last minute, TuneIn offers over 50,000 stations and 1.2 million order for programs to choose from. TuneIn Radio Pro Application for Android is whole experience puts you in the palm of your hand with the additional benefits of recording what you're listening (requires memory card).

Important Update: It's new version of TuneIn (5.3) includes Auto Mode, which lets you listen to your favorite music, sports and news simply by using the voice command on your mobile or Android Tablet. This update also includes extra large buttons for easy viewing and control.
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