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MaterialEspionagem Introduces New Program to Spy phones and smartphones with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 with automatic recording of calls. The Program for Windows Mobile Spy MaterialEspionagem completely hidden in cellphone. It can write with any Incoming Call and Held, Listen Live every incoming call or Held, Mobile Phone Use as Microphone Spy and Listen without limits away all the ambient sound around it. You can still read all the SMS, Emails Cell Phone Spy that send or receive, knowing the location of the GPS Windows Mobile Cell Phone spied, control the Contact List and track all details with each incoming call, made or lost. Active and Disable any function remotely with a simple SMS!

No barriers, no distance limits, no concerns, from any country in the world and with any operator!

Functions that offers the program for Windows Mobile Spying MaterialEspionagem?


Monitor Calls - Listen to Live Chat two sides
WhatsApp - Writes all messages exchanged in the popular chat application WhatsApp
Environmental Listen - Listen to any sound around the Mobile Phone Spy
Monitor SMS - Saves all SMS Sent and Received
Monitor Emails - Writes the contents of all emails sent and Received
GPS position - Know the time the position of the GPS GSM Spy
Route GPS - See at any time throughout the route held by Cell Phone Spy
Contact List - Find out which name is stored with the numbers who speak Cell Phone Spy
Call List - Get detailed information of each call as if it is a detailed invoice
Missed Calls - Know the number and name with who are stored in the Cell Phone Spy
Spy Microphone function - Listen to everything that is happening in the location of the Mobile Phone, unlimited distance
Exchange YES - Always know what is the number of mobile phone you are using the Cell Phone Spy - This function is very important, not only if the user changes the Cell Phone Spy SIM card, as also to detect in case of lost or stolen the number of the person who has it in use and can recover it.

Security and Privacy!

Only you will have access to all information which it sends to the Controlled Cell Phone web account. Their records are secure in your private web account, which is provided part of the world using your user name and password and any officer. For security reasons you can change the password whenever you want.

How exactly Spying Program for Windows Mobile MaterialEspionagem?

Listener Calls - Listen to live the two sides of the conversation of all calls.
* Receive an SMS with an indication of incoming call or Held
* Indication of the number of call
* To listen to this call only have to connect to Mobile Phone Spy
* Only turn on if you are interested in listening to the Chat
* Ability to limit the sending of SMS to clear a list of numbers to control
* To use this function It is necessary that the card has the Multi conference or call the three activated

Monitoring SMS - Record the contents of each SMS sent and received.
* Number indication of the sender or to where it was sent
* Display Date / Time SMS
* Full text of the message

Monitoring of Emails - Writes the contents of each mail sent and received.
* The mail sender or where he was sent
* Date / Time of Email
* Full text of the email

WhatsApp - Writes the contents of all messages exchanged in the popular chat application.
* Know who communicates in WhatsApp
* The messages you send and receive

Call History - Saves all records of incoming, outgoing, and Lost.
* Indication of the number dialed
* Date, Time and Duration of calls
* Indication of calls Received / Completed and Missed

Contact List - Record all the information of Contacts with Mobile Spy Who communicates.
* Display of Phone Number
* Name that is stored in the Contacts List

GPS Location and Tracking - Records the GPS position with the time interval you select.
* View map directly to the GPS position of Mobile Spy
* Refer to travel daily / weekly / monthly Mobile Spy directly on the map

Information Exchange of SIM card (telephonic)
* When the software detects a new SIM card sends an SMS alert to Monitor Number
* Thus the number Monitor always aware of the number you are using the Mobile Phone Spy and can keep on calling to make the listener.

Compatibility ** **

The Program for Spying Windows Mobile is compatible with any Mobile Phone or Smartphone with Windows Mobile operating system from version 5.0 to 6.5 with the exception of Pocket PC 2003. Spy Software for Windows Mobile works on any country in the world and with any operator.

License ** **

The functions accessible from your Mobile Phone have lifetime duration (where the program remains installed on the Mobile Phone and is activated before the activation code expires).

The other functions are accessible from the web account, which will be active for 12 months. Contact us for the renewal.
Additional Info

    Name: Windows Mobile Spy Program
    Code: Windows Mobile Spy Program
    Price: € 699
    Description: Program for Windows Mobile Spy is compatible with any Mobile Phone or Smartphone with Windows Mobile operating system from version 5.0 to 6.5 with the exception of Pocket PC 2003.
    Features: Spy Program for Windows Mobile 5.0 to 6.5 with Live Listen to incoming and outgoing calls, SMS Copy, Email, and WhatsApp, Listening Environment, GPS position and route, Contact List, exchange cards (SIM), Remote Control
    Color: Red
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we ofter consider computer spyware term as computer virus which is wrong as computer spy is a monitoring program which should beneficial some time. but computer virus is usually damage software, files, hijack or hardware.

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