Gideon sundback invented the zipper


Gideon Sundback invented the zipper

Google once again surprises its users with one of his creative 'doodles'. The honoree is the time of the Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback, inventor of the zipper. Upon entering the front page of Google, the Internet will be faced with a large zipper site, which can be slid across the screen to open the search page.

Gideon Sundback doodle picture
Zipper as Google's doodle

Gideon Sundback Fredrik Otto revolutionized the clothing industry with the creation of a fixation device to be used in women's boots. The idea for creating a closed based on interlocking teeth already circulated among the engineers of the time for over 20 years, but nobody had improved.

Sundback innovated by putting a dimple on the underside of each tooth and a nozzle at the top that fit securely inside the curl of the tooth above it. In addition, he also created the machine to manufacture the new model of zipper.

Gideon Sundback biography

Gideon Sundback picture,image
Gideon Sundback photo

Gideon Sundback was born on April 24, 1880 in the city of Smaland, Sweden. Son of a successful farmer. Gideon sundback education was engineering in Germany. In 1905 he emigrated to the United States. From his earliest years he showed an exceptional talent, making small innovations to improve the daily lives of Gideon Sundback family.

History of the zipper (first zipper made)

In 1893, W. Litcomb Judson of Chicago, United States, a patented closure system that was made of hooks and crannies that clung to open and close. It was still a draft that we would know later as zipper. Only in 1913, Gideon Sundback, a Swede working in the United States, developed the ideas of Judson and produced a similar closure only without the sharp hooks, instead using "teeth" of metal. At first, this type of closure was used for tobacco pouches guarding and money. In 1917, the U.S. Navy began making coats they wore the zipper in front. Who named the "zipper" was B.G. Worth, based on designs similar fasteners used in shoes. Elsa Schiaparelli was the first designer to use zippers in fashion in the early 30s.

In Portugal adopted the expression "zipper", coming from French fermeture Éclair, which refers to the name of the company that owns the trade mark, Éclair Prestil SN. This expression was used for many years, zipper is a brand known worldwide since its founding in 1946.

The engineer was admitted to the patent application in 1914, but the invention of Sundback was only recognized in 1917. Only in 1923, it was that the industrial zipper Benjamin Goodrich called the big baby Gideon.

Initially, the zipper model proposed by him was a replacement for the hooks and loops present in women's boots. Two decades after the item has become popular in the pants and dresses. If you want to know more about the his biography just visit Gideon Sundback wikipedia.

Gideon Sundback Google's doodle

The doodles are one way that Google, one of the most important names in the internet world, met to honor important people and events in world history. The doodles can be interactive or not, and until today, have been created over a thousand different personalities and paid tribute including to Gideon Sundback historical facts. ADS HERE


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