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New Diablo 3 review system changes the basic attributes and forging items

You know that their vague hope of finding Diablo III on the shelves during the first half of this year? And best forgotten. The reasons could not be more noble course. Briefly, because it is not simply launch "another game". This is to market "the next Diablo."

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Well, at least that was the reason given by Blizzard for the newest revision of the game system. Among the changes announced in the official blog of the future blockbuster, there are several points which, between us, have already been amended more than once - which is not necessarily bad, of course. "While working on Diablo III, we heard several times that we have changed other systems, and that the game would already be ready for launch," said game director Jay Wilson.

Of course, the almost constant changes in fundamentals of the game justify some discomfort from the fans. But Wilson continues: "I think a fair argument, but I also think it is incorrect. Our work is not only to launch a game, but the next release Diablo. Nobody will remember the late game, only that it is great. "
Well, but what exactly the new intervention visceral Diablo 3 should bring? In fact, there is a list of small changes - which, it seems, may have more or less dramatic effect on gameplay. Let them.

Scrolls of Identification is out of the game

Yes, Blizzard recognizes that identifying a strange item representing most of the game. But the task has now become much simpler. Getting a new item, just click on it with the right mouse button. Then follows a timer, and ready. The identification was made. No restrictions: all characters are able.

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But Blizzard has a good analogy to explain the decision. "We love the double discovery to find a gift for, then unwrap it, but does not seem to keep finding an item and keep it in your bag has the same effect. From now on, will be possible to identify any items, without need to carry scrolls. Your character in Diablo III is really tough now. "

A dedicated button for potions

Here's a change that should make your life easier when things really get complicated. "A button dedicated to potions is something we have discussed several times throughout the development," said Wilson. Apparently, Blizzard realized that in times of emergency, its time to handle items is somewhat scarce.

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However, it warned: "this was one of our latest changes, so that both the button and the mechanics do not work in the Beta patch 10." It is the promise of inclusion in the feature updates coming, anyway.

"We decided to remove Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube"

According to Blizzard, Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube was created to allow a simplified marketing items, especially in those moments when there is no quick way back to town. "However, now that there is the 'Stone of Recall', we find that keeping the game Cube Cauldron and would alter the benefits of returning to town to sell items for bailouts, for forging and also to interact with the locals," said Wilson .

The blacksmith is now able to reuse items

With the removal of Nephalemn Cube, there should be, of course, a device able to reuse items in the city. Blizzard felt it made sense to leave the task to the local blacksmith ... So that will be hereafter.
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Common items can no longer be scrapped

Here is a dramatic change for those who usually collect junk on the battlefield. Basically, items "white" (those who do not bring magical powers) can no longer be reforjados into something more useful. "Previously we thought that a dropped item should always be useful in some way, with an improvement in statistics or in the case of items 'white', you could just forge them again."

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However, studies have revealed the Blizzard that not everything that is collected is used for something. "Diablo II captured by one foot by knocking spoils piles of garbage, mostly arrows and bolts (...)."

Changes in the basic attributes

Forget "defense", "attack" and "precision". Blizzard found it convenient to treat the actual characteristics of your character to "force", "skills", "intelligence" and "vitality." The idea is to give each class a central attribute in order to "reduce the overlap of items, those available to diversify and create a system of clear and more interesting items." Yes, the company assumes that this should dramatically alter the balance of the game.

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Check the benefits produced by each of the new attributes:

Force (Strength)

    + Barbarian damage
    + Armor

Dex (Dexterity)

    + Demon Hunter damage
    + Monk damage
    Dodge +

Intelligence (IntIntellect)

    + Wizard damage
    + Witch Doctor Damage
    + Health from globes

Vitality (Vitality)

    + Health

Status will be displayed directly in the inventory

Now you can record changes in their statistics at the time a new item is experienced, since the information is displayed directly on the user interface of your inventory. "It may seem insignificant, but results in very pleasing," said Wilson. In fact, a solution as elegant and practical.

A decade of gameplay

Perhaps the relatively low frequency of new releases in Diablo longevity is due to the enviable title of each franchise. Well, the same should happen with the third element of the series. "Our hope is that by embracing a recurring design - in which we question ourselves and our decisions, Diablo 3 will not only meet our expectations, but continue to do so for a decade after its launch."

And for those who have prepared the portfolios, he continues, "there is still much work to be done." Well, anyway, it's worth giving credit to Blizzard, right? If not for the huge legacy of Diablo ... Because of that, we agree, some proposed changes do seem to make sense.

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