Disaster iOS6 maps: Apple goes astray

After installing iOS6 Apple users reminisce Google Maps: new maps are not only incomplete, but wrong. And Apple asks for help to users.

After only a few hours with the new iOS 6.0 to understand that perhaps the choice of Apple to rely on a new mapping service Google Maps abandoning owner was more a political than a choice given to consumers.

As the saying goes "there is no two without three", and after the change of the screen, the new connector Lightning lacked just the third drop in to lose patience even those Apple has always defended, even at the wrong . The new maps placed it on the new operating system from Apple are not only incomplete, but also contain a number of errors paradoxical blocked roads and craters and restaurants in the middle of the rivers they are doing around the web provoking the laughter of those who, you Android in the first place, it is always in the front line ready to point the finger at the smallest mistake made by the company from Cupertino.

Who knew Steve Jobs swore that such a thing would go on a rampage, the late founder, and definitely some head would fall: After reading the biography actually we are inclined to think that the heads would have been more than a one.

What Apple has combined with these maps? E 'for about a week that we're using iOS 6 in Golden Master version, so we are using the service maps from before the official release. We tried to Cologne and also in Milan, and at first glance does not seem bad at all. Apple starts from scratch, Google has more than 10 years perfecting his system so it is normal that Google Maps is better, if Apple wanted to provide an alternative to Google Maps satisfactory just had to knock on the door asking for details of Microsoft Bing Maps or Nokia, the only services that could compete at the time as completeness of data to Google.

Apple instead started from TomTom and other providers, and is trying to build everything from the data mapping of a company that produces a basic mapping for navigation.

Data supplied by the aerial photos (remember that the Cessna crashed in a warehouse in Rome a few weeks ago, he was taking pictures for Apple) Apple is adding using computer algorithms and missing data maps for TomTom probably enter rivers, forests and environmental elements using a kind of photographic reconnaissance (and here we explain the rivers that break and disappear and reappear). Similarly, using photos from multiple angles, develop a kind of three-dimensional maps for 3D photos, currently working in the U.S. alone. The POIs come from Yelp and other service providers: here there is no real manual work to certify the location of some places and explain museums located in the middle of the river and other structure used at random.

Apple obviously do not want to apologize, but unfortunately the mapping is one of the jobs that since ancient times has required inspections and careful analysis: Google in recent years has spent millions of euro in petrol to ship cars, tricycles and every means to map the world, made remarks on the place, he corrected, arranged, optimized roads and paths. A service that has as its search engine, is now irreplaceable.

Apple has dropped from Google, and it is obviously a political choice, but users should just be happy: as with Youtube Google will now propose a Maps application on the Store (and if Apple did not approve burst a political case). A more interesting application is the integrated solution from Apple itself: Google may want to update it, improve it and add new features.

In any case, Apple has already released an official statement, which says that Maps is only a beginning and that being a solution "cloud-based" will be improved through the use by users.

But it is unlikely, as we have already explained, will come to the level of Google Maps.


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